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Monday, March 12, 2012

Playroom DIY: Giant Ruler and some new boards!

I've been doing LOTS of work up in our loft to turn it into a fun space for kiddos.  It's not quite finished yet, I still have some more projects to add to it, but I have finished a few of the projects I had planned for it and so I'm going to share those in a couple of posts.  This first one is one of my favorites that we did...I absolutely love how it turned out.  And then I saw it on pinterest the next week...not mine, but someone else's, so that was funny.  It's a really easy project and really cheap too.  It cost about $6!

The project is a giant ruler to hang on the wall. When my husband was a kid his mom measured he and his brothers every year.  She would make tick marks on the wall with their ages and their height and it was such a fun thing for them to look back on over the years.  Then it was special when the boys started having their own kids and Grandma would measure the grandkids on the wall and they could compare how tall they are at certain ages with how tall their dads were at that age.  Well, Grandma moved houses and didn't want to lose all the measurements from the past.  So she painstakingly went through the process of marking them all on paper and transferring them to a wall in the new house.  I love that she did that so that the tradition can continue.  Well, Luke and I wanted to be able to do the same thing with our kids but we wanted it to be able to "move with us" if we ever move houses again.  So we decided to create a giant ruler to hang on the wall that our kids can measure themselves on and we can make the marks on the ruler and the ruler can travel with us if we move.  The project turned out so cool and looks like a real ruler and I can't wait to shere the pics with here they are....

So we just bought a large board from Home Depot and Luke cut it down to about 7 feet (It was 10 feet long to start with but we figured none of our kids will grow taller than 7 feet :) ).  Then we used some old stain we had in the garage on it and painted it on and then wiped it off so that you can see the grain of the wood really well.  

After that dried I measure out all of the hash marks onto the board using a tape measure.  I didn't start with 0 at the base of the board because we knew it wouldn't sit right on the floor.  So we measured up how high we wanted it to hang from the floor and then subtracted that from the board and started the measuring at that point.  I used a paint pen and a straight edge to make the hash  marks.  We had some old mailbox/house numbers in the garage and I used those for the numbers.  I LOVE how it turned out.  It took some pretty heavy duty screw to hang on the wall and we made sure it is in a stud (It is a heavy piece of wood!) and now it's there to stay! 

Like I said, I also have some new boards to share!  Hope it gives some of you some more ideas on what you might want to order.....

This board is pretty special to me.  I made it for my niece that is due to be born in just a couple of weeks (YAY!! can't wait!!).  I love how it turned out.  The colors look a bit different in person, they are actually more of a coral-ly pink, brown, green and butter yellow.  The words are extra special because it is the song my grandpa always used to sing to my grandma and was sung at her funeral when she passed.  So this is a pretty special little board.  Oh, and the dimensions are different than most the other boards.  It is a 12x24 board, I like the long skinny look.  

And a larger version of the "Be.." board.  Done horizontally on a 16x20.

I promise I will get back to writing on superwoman....just gotta find a free moment of time to sit down and think and write. :)  Have a beautiful Monday!


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