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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Bit of a Hiatus

I know, it's been a REALLY long time since I've written.  I figured I should get on here and at least let you all know that I am still alive and no, nothing is seriously wrong. :)  Although, I'm guessing you probably weren't too worried since I don't expect that your worlds' revolve around whether or not I've written a post recently. ;)  Nonetheless, I figured I'd at least just get on here and let you know I've just been taking a break for a while.  I've been "single-mom'ing" it for a while because the hubby has been overloaded with work and the glorious hunting season is also upon us. So I've just been staying busy taking care of the kiddo and trying not to pull my hair out with the new puppy. :)  (I remind myself daily, I will love him someday...I will. (the puppy, not my son ;) )  A puppy and a toddler are quite the combo..just sayin'.)

Anyways...I've just been staying quiet for a while and I'm quite enjoying it.  I've been staying away from the computer as much as possible and I've just been doing lots of praying, reading and listening to some awesome sermons.  (Check out David Platt's sermons from Brook Hills Church if you want some good, convicting listening)  I've been doing lots of thinking...just keeping to myself about lots of stuff that God has been doing in my heart lately.  And I've been enjoying the quiet and introspection before our lives get REALLY crazy with 2 more babies. Cause once that happens there won't be a whole lot of quiet around here! (and anyone who knows Grahm well knows that quiet is already hard to come by here!) And I've been doing lots of thinking andt praying about how much our lives are going to change over the next year with the addition of 2 2 very different ways.  It's got a LOT on my mind and so I've just been praying about it lots, knowing that the Lord will see us through this crazy and He will sustain us and knows that this is what is best for us.

I quite like the silence from the internet so I think I'm going to keep taking a break for a little while and I will write again once I feel like sharing some of what's been going on in my heart.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy the break.  (By the way...if you haven't ever taken a hiatus from the internet, you should try's very freeing and quite nice.  You don't even realize how "noisy" our lives get until you cut some things out.)

I will update you a bit on life....and if bio baby or adoption updates come our way, I'll be sure to share them here.  We are still on the waiting list and are "unofficially" #6.  It's been moving a bit slow these last few months, just a spot per month.  But I am actually thankful for the slow move because I think the day we hit "#1" and I know we would have been getting our referral at that time, but we won't be, I think that day will be kinda hard.  I know it's still coming eventually, in the Lord's timing, and I'm still thrilled beyond belief about the pregnancy, but my arms still ache for the baby we've been working towards for over a year now.  Pregnancy seems long enough and that's only 9 months.  1-2+ years is a long time to wait to hold your precious little one in your arms.  So I'm glad I have the pregnancy as a "distraction" and I'm glad it's been going slow so that I don't see us sitting at #1 for months on end.  Man, I can't wait til I get to see our babies' faces.

Anyways...that's all...just thought I'd let y'all know where I've been in case you were wondering.  Hope you all are doing well!

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