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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just So I Don't Forget

I did a post like this a while back for Grahm and I want to make them a regular thing...probably yearly, or twice a year.  Anyways...I wrote one up again today and wanted to post it here so I would always have it.

There are so many precious things in my kids' lives that I don't want to forget but the days are so busy and seem so long sometimes and I fear when I'm 50 and looking back that I will forget the precious little things that made me smile and the funny little quirks that my kids had. So I want to record them for me to look back on and also to share with them when they are grown someday.

Here's my most recent...

Just so I don’t forget
Age 2.75:
    -You have what seems like an unlimited amount of energy.  You will often go in the living room and just run around in circles like a crazy man.  It’s hilarious. I sit in awe of you and wish I could just borrow some of that energy.  How do you not get exhausted?
    -You talk NON-STOP.  Literally.  You have something to say about everything.  Even if it doesn’t make sense, you will still come up with something to say. And sometimes it seems like your brain just can’t stop your mouth and so it just keeps moving and words keep coming out and it’s like circular reasoning and it makes no sense but it’s entertaining to listen to. 
    -You are still enamored with your dad. J  You would spend every waking moment with him if you could.
    -You’ve gotten interested in hunting this year as you’ve watched your dad go.  You talk about how you are going to go with him when you “grow big” and you walk around the house making anything you find into a “shooter” and hunt deer and elk.
    -You love the phrase “you’re my best friend” and you tell me and dad several times a day that we’re your best friend.  I hope you know someday that this makes my mommy day.  It’s the best thing in the world and makes my heart melt.  You may not understand what it means but I can tell you know it means something special and that it means you really like the person you are telling.  Thank you for blessing me each day with this.  You make everything worth it.
    -You are starting to really adore your baby brother, Jack.  You do anything you can to try and get him to laugh or say you are “making him happy”.  You basically act like a crazy man just in an attempt to get him to smile.  And he doesevery time.  You told me today that you will love him forever and you will never stop loving him.  Again, melt my mommy heart. 
    -You LOVE your stuffed animals.  Like almost in an obsessed sort of way. Every morning you pick one out and carry it around with you all day.  They are like your little imaginary friends. When you get hurt, the first person you want to “kiss it better” is always one of your stuffed animals.  You have at least 10 in your bed alone and another 20 in bins in your room.  But they all have a name and they are all special.  Your grandma tells me that your dad was the same way. J  
    -You seem really smart for your age.  Maybe you’re not and I’m just a biased mom, but I think you are pretty smart.  You knew all of your colors and your alphabet and how to count to 10 by about 2.25.  Your mind remembers everything.  You can tell me random facts from 6 months ago, even a year ago, that I didn’t even remember.  Your teacher at Bible Study actually asked Grammer, “Um, how old is he again?  Cuz he answers all the questions and knows everything we talk about.  Are you sure he’s only 2.75?”  I hope you use your smarts for God someday. J 
    -You LOVE the bible.  Again, this makes my mom heart happy because I, too, love the Bible.  Nothing could make me happier than to see you follow God and obey His word, I pray for it daily.  But your favorite thing to do is read Bible stories. And you memorize everyone we read.  Your favorite one this year has been David and Goliath.  Of course, what little boy doesn’t love David and Goliath.  J
    -You think it’s funny when we give Eskimo kissesyou laugh hysterically. 
    -You’ve already started to “wipe off” my kisses!  In case you didn’t know, that’s not allowed. Ever.  I will be giving you hugs and kisses the rest of my life. 
Age 8.5 months
    -Oh dear Jack. You are such a sweetheart.  I don’t know if it’s cuz your brother is so crazy and so in comparison you seem super sweet, but you are such a precious little thing.  You will always smile at anyone.  I love it because it makes anyone who crosses your path happy.  What an awesome way to beto make everyone who ever meets you happy?!
    -You Love, like really really love, your big brother, Grahm.  You light up when he comes in the room.  You look for him everywhere and you get so excited when you see him.  He can make you laugh at anything and can always make you smile.  You just adore him.  I hope you two stay best friends forever.
    -You are a stinker, just like your brother was, with sleep!  I have tried every method in every bookeven NO method! And nothing helps you to nap better.  You are 8.5 months and still wake at 45 minutes for most every nap. Then I swaddle your arms and move you to your swing and you go back to sleep for the rest of the nap.  Someday you are going to have to get out of that swing! 
    -You may be bad at naps but you are a much better night sleeper than your brother! Yay!  You pretty much always sleep through the night and I don’t hear a peep from you.  It took some work to get there, but it’s great.  Mommy appreciates the sleep very much! J
    -You get really excited in the mornings when I get you out of bed and you attack my face.  Like you’re so happy to see me but so starving that you could just devour me.  I love it.  One of the favorite parts of my day for sure. 
    -You are pretty easy-going.  You go to anyone and are content with anyone holding you.  There’s not much that makes you too upsetexcept when you get hurt or you’re hungry. 
    -You’re not crawling yetthis is when Grahm started.  You don’t really show any interest in it and I’m super happy about that!  I’m not ready to be chasing 2 kiddos around! J
    -You love food. You feed yourself finger food and you attack it like it’s nobody’s business!  Your body has the evidence to prove it. J  You don’t lack for pudge. 

My boys....I love you so dearly and I will forever.  I am so blessed to be your mama and I thank God for you daily.  I am so grateful I get to be your mother.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yes, I do still exist

Wow, it has been a really long time since I wrote on here!  I've had several people ask about it and wonder "where I went" so I thought I would give a bit of an update and tell you what's been going on and why I haven't been writing.

First, the #1 reason I haven't been writing is this....

This precious lil guy arrived in our family on February 1st, 2013.  His name is Jack Miles Walker and he is an angel.  I didn't know I could fall in love so many times...first with my husband and then with Grahm and now again with Jack.  My life is abundant and full. :)  Jack is such a sweet baby.  He is full of smiles and babbles and just lights up my days.  He is 4 months now so here are a few more recent pictures....

These 2 are definitely the light of my life. :)  Love them to pieces.

So yeah, I've had my hands full taking care of 2 boys...a 2 yr old and a newborn!  It is no an easy task, that's for sure.  And the reality is that I rarely have time to sit down at the computer and do much of anything, let alone write on the blog.  So I'm not sure when or if I'll get back to writing on here.  I don't want anything "screen-related" to take up the time I should be spending with my boys.  So I've decided not to put any pressure on myself to write because I'd rather be spending time with them because this time is so short I don't want them to just remember me sitting in front of a computer!  I love writing, but I love my boys and they'll grow up and this stage will eventually be over.  So I'm just living in the moment God's got me in right now.  (Yes, that is a continual learning process for me though!  Lest you think I'm some super mom who just absolutely loves staying home full time and taking care of 2 very little guys and cleaning up messes, doing naps, changing diapers, fixing meals and doing it all over again.  I do love raising them but I won't lie and say there aren't days that I can't wait for this stage to pass quickly!  :) I just have to remind myself that I will eventually miss these exhausting days. :)  ) as far as the adoption goes, I suppose I should update on that as well.  Unfortunately our wait is going to be quite a bit longer than we expected.  As of right now our agency doesn't think we'll be getting a referral until maybe late fall of this year or later.  But that's just a guess, there are really no definites in this process.  Our hearts were pretty broken by that news because we've been waiting so long to bring our little one home (It will be 2 years this fall).  No pregnancy ever lasts that long!! This is one stinking long "pregnancy"!!  :)  We were hoping to have our Baby E home by Christmas but it doesn't look like that will be happening.  It is definitely hard to see referrals go out and families go to meet their little ones knowing that that would've been us and wishing that it was.  But we are so thankful for our little miracle in Jack and we know that God knows our hearts and knows what is best. So we will continue to trust in God and know that He has it all worked out in His sovereign plan and He knows exactly who our little baby is and when he/she will come home.  In the meantime we'll wait anxiously patiently :).  

If I find a free moment here and there I may try and update with some pictures of what's going on in our lives just so I can keep a record for our own family but I doubt that writing will enter back into the picture for a while.  And I may not...who knows! :) I like the freedom of not feeling pressure to write and keep up.  So we'll see.

Hope you are all doing well....loving much and living big!  :)

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