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Monday, June 8, 2015

The "Plan"

People. We leave this Friday. This. Friday. Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe it's already almost here!!!  We are so excited, thankful, anxious, nervous, ready, overwhelmed and everything else you could possibly imagine!  Basically we're a big fat mess. :)  But it's a good mess!  I don't know if my mind can hold anymore information or thoughts swirling around inside of it.  It's on information and emotion overload.  So if you see me and talk to me and I have this glazed over look and don't seem to be processing our you know why. :)

I wanted to give you all a little idea of what our plans are so that you could pray for us and be informed on what we're hoping for/expecting.

As I mentioned, we fly out this Friday, June 12th.  We leave in the afternoon to head to the airport and we'll be flying overnight on a red eye to Washington DC where we'll catch our non-stop flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!!! We arrive in Addis the morning of June 14th.

We will meet Brooks (seriously can't even believe I just typed that!!!) on Monday, June 15th in the afternoon.  For the first time, after 3.5 years of waiting, we will finally see our little boy face to face and hold him in our arms.  My mind can't even wrap itself around this reality yet!  But man I can't wait. :)

On Tuesday, June 16th we will go to court where we will make official what we already know in our hearts....Yohannes Brooks will become our legal son, grafted into our family forever.  And as soon as that happens, be prepared for facebook to blow up with pictures because that's when we'll finally be able to post pictures of him!!!!!

We have several other things that will take place while we're in Addis and then on the 23rd we plan to fly down to the DR Congo and visit the missionaries we know there and the kids that we support through Mercy's Reach.  We are so excited and thankful that we get to do this.  We'll stay there until the 28th and then things get unknown.  We are hoping to know by the 26th or 27th if Brooks' embassy paperwork is close to being completed.  There are several things that have to happen after court but before we can take him home and they all have to happen in a certain order and some things only happen on certain days and take varying amounts of time.  We are hoping that by the 28th his paperwork will be close to finished and we will be able to fly back to Addis and take custody of our son.  If this is the case, we'll likely take custody shortly after going back to Addis and then we'll have our embassy appointment that week and we'll leave to come back home on July 3rd...WITH our little boy!!!!  We will arrive in the states on the evening of July 4th.  Fireworks will be welcoming us home. :)  Seems fitting to me.

Of course, that is the scenario that we are hoping for.  However, if for some reason the paperwork doesn't process as quickly as we need it to, then we will change our flights and fly back to the states on June 28th.  We will wait a couple weeks for his paperwork to be completed and then we will get back on a plane and fly back to Ethiopia to bring our baby boy home.  Either way, we know God is sovereign and we're just thankful that we're finally bringing him home.  But, we would truly appreciate your prayers that things move quickly and he's able to come home with us on this first trip.  We'll keep you all posted.  For now...I've got to go do some more packing!!! Thank you for all your love, support and prayers thus far!


Jenny Marrs said...

wow!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! This makes my heart soooo happy!!!!

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