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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our New Normal...or not so normal! Part 2

I wanted to share more about how Brooks is doing specifically in the last post because I know a lot of you have asked and want to know more about him. But it was already waaaay too long so I figured I'd save it for another post! :)

So....a bit more about Brooks. First of all, he's absolutely beautiful, in case you haven't already noticed.   ;)

Really, the kid is a looker..his eyes are stunning and he often gets confused for a girl because of his beautiful eyes and eyelashes!  I have to be careful to put him in clothes that are clearly boy clothes!

He's doing great health-wise.  He's a little tike...short for his age, but with plenty of fat to keep him healthy!  His belly is plenty round and he's got some good "moobs" on him...apparently he's eating well enough. ;)  His doctor appointments have gone great and we haven't run into any issues thus far. We dealt with a few of the normal things when we first got home..ringworm, skin reactions, food intolerances....but it all resolved within a few weeks so we were very thankful and very fortunate!  I know a lot of people who battle some of those things for a looong time after coming home.  He has gotten a few sicknesses since being home...but that's to be expected since he's in a completely different world than he's used to.  But otherwise he's a healthy boy! 

We've been fortunate to witness some of his "firsts" as well.  There are already so many firsts that we've missed and so many missing pieces to the puzzle that I'm so thankful for the firsts that we are getting to experience.  He took his first steps a few weeks ago and is now officially a "toddler," walking all over the place!  He also got his first two teeth since being home!  I can't say I'm super excited that we get to experience that first. ;)  Teething isn't necessarily a highlight of a babies life! And he's experienced a lot of first "events" with us.....his first time in the sand, which plenty of it ended up in his mouth of course....his first time to a parade, slightly overwhelming for him.....his first family vacation, slightly overwhelming for all of us....his first wedding....his first county fair! which included his first encounter with lots of animals...his first fair corn dog.....his first french fry (which also happened to be his first finger food of course)....his first trip to the mountains...his first time having his mom catch all of his throw-up in her hands (isn't this like a "rite" of passage or something for moms with new babies?!)....his first time experiencing the not-always-so-gentle love of brothers... and so many others!  It's been fun to introduce all of these things we love as a family to him.  And he's been a pretty good trooper through all of it.  

As I mentioned in the other post, we've also started to see glimpses of "normal" attachment.  We've learned that he loves to be "chased."  It gets the most laughs out of him!  And he's full boy in that he loves to wrestle and play rough...which is good, helps him keep up with the other 2.  He's starting to copy us which is quite adorable.  He's learned how to say "shhh" (which happens to be said a lot since he has learned that he his heard much louder now that he's got more attention and there are less kids to compete with!  We'll just say he's a very vocal little boy. :) ). He's started to learn all the perfect boy "noises" from the other two....flying an airplane, driving a car, being a dinosaur.  We've even been able to teach him how to sign "please" and "all-done" which is so helpful in aiding our communication! We work so hard at teaching him things and there is so much repetition that goes on since he hasn't been here observing everything from day one.  So when something finally 'clicks' it's a big celebration in our house! 

And as far as the other 2 boys...they are doing pretty great with him.  Grahm has been amazing.  I love watching the unconditional love of a child in him and the way he has immediately welcomed Brooks into our family and loved him like a brother from the get-go.  He went through all of the waiting journey with us so it was so sweet to see his excitement as well when it all finally came to fruition.  Jack...well, Jack is improving. ;)  People ask how Jack is doing with the new brother and I usually respond with, "well, Jack is 2.  Life is rough when you're 2 no matter what's going on." ;)  He was not the biggest fan of Brooks for the first few weeks...but that's to be expected.  His role as the "baby" got uprooted and now he's learning the glorious role of "middle child."  And I don't think there is a whole lot about life that 2 year olds like anyways! lol!  Really, he's been pretty great with him and it's been fun to watch him learn to love and even like Brooks.  He's still not trustworthy to be left alone with him...for some reason he thinks Brooks' purpose in life is for Jack to ride him all the time.  You can imagine that this does not usually go well.  But overall they are all learning to get along and enjoy each other.  Brothers are a special thing and it's fun to watch all 3 interact with each other.  

We are so thankful for how the Lord has worked thus far and how we know He will continue to work.  It's crazy to be where we are now and think back over how long it took us to get here.  We serve a powerful God who is in the middle of the mess and the beauty and I'm so grateful for that.  


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