The crazy journey of our family living this beautiful life for our awesome God!
"...Whatsoever you do, do ALL to the glory of GOD." 1 Cor. 10:31

Adoption Timeline and Stuff

I've posted here some links to articles I've written about our adoption. Below you can find our adoption timeline.

October 2008-God sends us to Africa to help some missionaries, the Grings and Wards, and begins planting the seeds of adoption in our hearts

November 2008-March 2010-Struggles with infertility and God begins laying the groundwork for us to adopt...we research agencies and the process but it gets put on hold when He blesses us with a pregnancy!

September 2011-The adoption "itch" is back and we are ready to start the process again

September 2011-Start re-researching agencies and narrow down choices, discuss pros and cons between Congo and Ethiopia

December 2nd 2011-Receive acceptance into the Ethiopia Adoption Program with Adoption Associates!!!!!

December, 2011-Paper on dossier, home study and uscis paperwork.

December 22nd, 2011-Submit paperwork for Home Study

December 30th, 2011-1st Home Study Visit!!!

March 7th, 2012-Home Study completed

March 7th, 2012-USCIS I-600A application mailed!!!

April 3rd, 2012-USCIS Fingerprints completed

April 19th, 2012-Received I-171 back from USCIS

April 19th, 2012-Documents sealed by the State of Idaho

April 19th, 2012-Dossier mailed to Assistant Stork for US Department of State Authentication

April 26th-Officially on the Wait List!!!! #22

July 2012-Put on hold because of surprise pregnancy!  God is really shaking things up!

September 2013-Officially off hold and eligible for a referral again!  Oh that day can't come soon enough.
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